Congratulations Richard Branson!

Virgin has made its next play and entered the hotel business with Virgin Hotels Chicago. They aren’t the first airline to do so but they are certainly an exciting brand to do so and in typical Richard Branson style it is not conforming with other hotels in how it plans to be profitable.

There is free Wi-Fi, no hidden charges and Branson adds, “you won’t get charged $10 for a chocolate bar you know you can buy at a store for $2″.


The hotel itself is within a 26 storey art deco building where the original features have been maintained, and has 250 rooms including 40 suits and a couple of Penthouse suites as well.

All rooms at Virgin Hotels Chicago feature a two-chamber room layout divided by sliding doors. On one side, a dressing room complete with a full vanity and make-up table and his and hers closests. On the other side, a bedroom featuring a red SMEG mini-fridge, LG smart TV and more power outlets than you could ask for, right by the bed for easy charging of your devices.


The brand has also prioritised technology with the launch of its own app, Lucy, a personal assistant to complement your experience in the hotel. Change the temperature in the room, change the TV channel and even order room service. Lucy will even connect you to other guests in the hotel or give you advice on local hotspots and restaurants.

The hotel has 2 restaurants on site, a cafe and of course is smack in Chicago’s Loop District with plenty of choices just outside.

The Virgin group has plans to open Nashville in 2016, New York in 2017 and then hopefully 20 locations by 2025.

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